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Mission Statement


Together, Del Dayo nurtures a lifelong love of learning that inspires students to celebrate diversity and solve the problems of tomorrow.


At Del Dayo, we collaborate with our community to support students in reaching their academic, intellectual, social, and emotional potential.


Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon.

Core Principles

1. We nurture a love of learning. Students experience the joy of learning and become lifetime learners. A safe and inclusive space is created for children to discover themselves, identify their strengths, explore their individual interests, be creative, build their confidence, and develop their well-being.

2. We educate the whole child. We support students with various readiness levels in reaching their academic, intellectual, social, and emotional potential. We define achievement as mastery in two areas, both of which are powerfully associated with success in college and career:

  • Mastery of Knowledge and Skills: Students demonstrate proficiency and deep understanding of a subject, complex and critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate clearly, and application of their learning across disciplines using multiple forms of expression (written, verbal, visual, etc.). Producing high-quality work and performance on state assessments are two measures.

  • Character: Students are confident problem solvers ready to face adversity and manage the pressure of performing in a competitive culture. Students assume responsibility for their learning, show evidence of a growth mindset, and demonstrate strong habits of work and learning (such as kindness, integrity, courage, and perseverance). Students can articulate their learning goals, monitor their own progress, and share how their work has improved over time through revisions and new understandings.

3. We deliver high quality instruction. Teachers integrate a curriculum that is rich in depth and complexity to extend student thinking, and relevant to students’ lives to engage students in learning.

4. We are inclusive. We work to make every student, family, and staff member feel like they belong, are welcomed, and valued in our community.

5. We achieve excellence through equity. We believe that all students can learn, can achieve excellence, and that education is key to opportunity and social mobility. We work to reduce the predictability of which our most at-risk students fail and high-achieving students plateau by eliminating barriers and providing differentiated support structures.

6. We are guided by evidence. Efforts to improve learning must be grounded on empirical evidence and rigorously evaluated for impact. We use multiple sources of data and research as resources to deepen our understanding about where to focus our efforts to improve.

7. We collaborate. Our impact is wider and more enduring when we collaborate and build partnerships with colleagues, families, and our community. We share in the ownership, responsibility, and accountability of our school.

8. We focus on improvement. We are all lifetime learners and believe that school improvement is continuous. We constantly strive to improve our own work, the work of our colleagues, and our school through ongoing professional learning and reflection. 

9. We innovate, learn, and share. We explore new ideas and ways of addressing challenges, and incorporate lessons learned into future work. We share our knowledge, techniques, experiences, and resources that can serve to help others.

10. We show school spirit. We take pride in being Del Dayo Dragons and recognize that we are part of a long tradition of excellence that we are responsible for upholding. We are a community that supports one another and celebrates together. #DelDayoWay #DragonsHaveSpark