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Math Resources

You Cubed

You Cubed is a valuable resource created by Stanford Math Professor Jo Boaler. Her ongoing work to communicate the importance of conceptual understanding to support growth mindest in math has been an inspiration to our ongoing professional development.

Head over to the Parent Resource page for a variety of links. Be sure to explore the Student Resource page to see some encouraging growth mindset videos created for anyone in a math environment.

Graham Fletcher

This important site visually communicates the progression of concepts students are exposed to at each grade. The progression videos are worth a look as each stage of math development is important to be sure students have good math foundations in place and don't learn that standard algorithm too soon!

Problem Solvers, not Robots

Flexibility to solve problems is our goal! New situations present themselves daily and students are continuously working on applying skills instead of plucking numbers. 

How old is the shepard? (video)

Jo Boaler talks about Numer Talks (video)